– Is your furniture made from recycled tyres?

All of our products are made entirely from RECYCLED TYRES. Tyres which would otherwise be ending up in landfill. No new rubber is used which means each piece is handcrafted and unique.

– Does Retyred practice ‘fair trade principles’?

Yes, Retyred practices fair trade principles. All of our products are made in a small village in Indonesia providing quality working conditions, employing local craftsman.

– Are tyre chairs comfortable?

As the rubber is flexible our furniture may be the most comfortable outdoor furniture you have ever sat in. Beside the fact it is recycled, the comfort is one of its most amazing attributes.

– Will tyre furniture leave black marks on my clothes or my patrons clothes?

NO. Each piece has been thoroughly cleaned. A tyre will only leave marks when it is exposed to high friction. You can sit on this furniture in white and walk away with clean clothing.



Teak table and pool chair