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Re­tyred Fur­ni­ture de­sign­ers are mak­ing a dif­fer­ence to the en­vi­ron­ment by turn­ing old tyres into fun but prac­ti­cal fur­ni­ture.

BY­RON Bay de­sign­ers Mon­ica Corser and Bernie Kud­er­natsch have built a busi­ness trans­form­ing old tyres into fur­ni­ture.

“Tyres of­fer us great ser­vice dur­ing their work­ing life­time. It’s won­der­ful to be able to give them new life with prac­ti­cal pur­pose,” Corser says. “And it’s sat­is­fy­ing sav­ing what we can from land­fill – as well as be­ing eye-catch­ing, our fur­ni­ture is ” as green as black can get.”

Corser says the fur­ni­ture’s unique de­sign and con­struc­tion is de­fined by the shape of the tyres: “The tyres them­selves de­ter­mine the breadth of our de­signs, but at the same time they force us to work with par­tic­u­lar di­men­sions and shapes, mostly round.” Corser says that as well as com­fort, the fur­ni­ture’s big­gest as­set is its dura­bil­ity. “It takes 30,000 years for a tyre to de­com­pose. There’s no doubt our ta­bles and chairs will last a few life­times,” she says.

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JULY 2013



REMEMBER grandma’s herb garden or her beautiful geraniums in old car and tractor tyres? Recycled tyres are back in our homes.


Used tyres turned into fashionable furniture by Retyred FurnitureByron Bay designers Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch have devoted three years to transforming them into furniture.

Given that a billion tyres are discarded around the world each year, the creative duo are doing their bit for global landfill by transforming waste into furniture.

‘‘Tyres offer us great service during their working lifetime – it’s wonderful to be able to give them new life with practical purpose,’’ Corser says.

‘‘And it’s satisfying saving what we can from landfill. As well as being eye-catching, our furniture is as green as black can get.’’

Corser says the chairs they reproduce have unique design and construction is defined by the shape of the tyres.

As well as comfort, the furniture’s biggest asset is durability.

‘‘It takes 30,000 years for a tyre to decompose,’’ Corser says.

‘‘There’s no doubt our tables and chairs will last a few lifetimes.’’

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January 5, 2013

Funky Recycled Furniture by Retyred

With the quirky tagline, “as green as black can get”, Retyred recycled furniture has achieved almost the impossible, attractive furniture made from recycled tyres – a noble feat given almost one billion tyres are destined for landfill world wide, every year!

Australia alone is responsible for 20 million discarded tyres. This is obviously a disaster for the environment as problems caused by massive tyre remains are devastating on many levels.


Retyred recycled furniture is the brainchild of Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch. When they were living in Bali they noticed some really cool products made from recycled tyres. Like many countries, Indonesia struggles with the practicalities of disposing of millions of tyres each year.

The breakdown of where Australia’s discarded tyres go is estimated to be 57% to landfill, with a further 14% of tyres that are simply dumped randomly. What is really scary is it’s estimated that a tyre can take up to 30,000 years to breakdown without sunlight.

There are so many great ideas out there to make recycled furniture and household products, however Retyred has developed an ingenious method to create outdoor furniture and homewares with genuinely attractive designs.

Each piece of furniture is handmade in Indonesia, a country which has embraced the natural attributes of tyre strength and flexibility. The working conditions for Retyred’s staff come under the guidelines of Fair Trade, as the recycled furniture is assembled by workers in small villages under good working conditions. Here local craftsmen are employed, and much needed funds are injected into these communities.

Some of the recycled furniture and homewares from Retyred include balcony sets of two cottage chairs and a coffee table, a high tea set with two arm chairs and high tea table, two round ottomans and a coffee table.

Retyred’s recycled furniture is amazingly comfortable, in fact it’s considered to be some of the most comfortable outdoor furniture on the market. And contrary to what you may think, you can wear white and sit on a chair made from old tyres.

Furthermore, all tyres are fully cleaned and processed before being moulded into their new life. A tyre will only leave marks when they are exposed to high friction and dirty roads. One can only imagine how long this recycled furniture will last. Probably longer than you.

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A new life for old tyres

Hamish Broome

3rd Aug 2012 5:00 AM

Bernie Kudernatsch and Monica Corser of Retyred, pictured in Ewingsdale with some of the products they make from recycled vehicle tyres.
Bernie Kudernatsch and Monica Corser of Retyred, pictured in Ewingsdale with some of the products they make from recycled vehicle tyres.Patrick Gorbunovs

MOST people look at old tyres and think “junk”, but Byron Bay’s Monica Corser and Bernie Kudernatsch see endless possibilities.

Their business Retyred Furniture has turned “retired” tyres destined for landfill into some very chic furniture and homewares.

The couple were living in Bali 18 months ago “looking for something to do in life” when they were inspired by some rudimentary rubber products made from old tyres.

They have since turned that moment of inspiration into a business which just imported its first shipment from Indonesia.

“I knew straight away it was a potentially brilliant idea. It fit so many boxes for what I wanted to create, but it needed some work,” Mr Kudernatsch said.

Invention and design is in his blood. He is a serial entrepreneur with several inventions to his name, including the patent for the ubiquitous “beach flag” – the flexible advertising flag you see at most car dealership entrances these days.

“Anyone could take this idea and do it, but they don’t. On one level you have to be a dreamer,” he said.

“I see something and think ‘How can I make it better?'”

The outdoor furniture has been a huge hit so far with orders from Sydney, and locally Mullumbimby’s Poinciana Cafe and the Green Garage in Byron, who cherish its durability and comfort.

“On one level, it sells itself,” Mr Kudernatsch said. “So far we’ve just shown it to people and they’ve immediately said they want it.

“The most amazing part of it is the durability. For Australia, this is the biggest advantage; it’s something you can leave outside and it will never wear.”

Ms Corser has a background in design and Bernie is a natural problem-solver, making them a great team.

“It’s quite a masculine product, so I throw in the feminine side, like the designing,” she said.

“With one billion tyres in landfill every year, if we can manage to make something useful out of it, it can only be good,” Mr Kudernatsch said.


1 billion: Tyres ending up in landfill worldwide every year

20 million: Tyres in landfill in Australia every year

30,000: Number of years it takes for a tyre to degrade without sunlight.

Lismore Northern Star
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